Friday, November 24, 2017

Reeser-Stout Family

Spencer and Dustin
Home Depot gift cards

Nano and Demetrius 
cute clothes
coat for Nano

Mason's Christmas list 2017

Mason's List:

Costco Kirkland chocolate covered almonds or macadamia nuts
Floral tie- like this style, but the brand doesn't matter
Fun socks

Zimmerman Christmas List 2017

A nice, soft, modest, awesome robe
Silicone cake decorating bags with tips (Amazon has a set for like $12)
Dinner date gift cards (cafe rio, red robin, Zupas, etc)
Harry Potter books 1-6

A multi-tool keychain
Gift cards ( Dicks sporting goods, Nike)

A soft little doggie or kitty
Disney movies
Paul and Court



We also love gift cards to Home Depot, Cheesecake Factory, Megaplex theaters, Cafe Rio, and Costco. :)

Nelson Family



Pokemon anything
Harry Potter anything

Link loves guns, science projects, Harry Potter anything

Audrey loves kitties, barbies, babies, and anything soft. There are some things for her on Alana's Amazon list

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Alan's and Jenny's Wish Lists

Here's a link to Jenny's Amazon wishlist; here's a link to mine (Alan's). Note that my list can be sorted by priority. :-)

We're also totally down with restaurant gift cards: Olive Garden, Cafe Rio, PF Chang's, etc.

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas to all!

Angela’s Wish List

- code names
- Spot it

Books (really, like anything)
I do have some by some of the following authors but I do love them :)
- Jessica Day George 
- Brandon Mull
- Brandon Sanderson
- Suzanne Collins
- Shannon Hale

- Rom Coms
- Disney
- Harry Potter

- Jeans/Jeggings (high rise)
- Shoes (size 10)
- Sweaters

You can ask Emma. She knows everything that I want hahaha :)

Emma’s Christmas list :)

Emma’s Christmas list
iTunes gift cards 
No show socks 
Phone cases 
Fruit roll ups
Fruit snacks 
Selection book series 
Gift cards 
Nail polish 
Gift cards to clothing stores 
Amazon gift cards
She’s the man 
Disney movies
Other movies 
College stuff 
Games- code names, spot it, etc

Check my Pinterest board “wish list” for more ideas :)
(Especially for things like necklaces and clothes :))
Also you can ask Angela because she knows what I want haha!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Barnes Family

-Springform pan
I’ve been loving flats recently (especially these in brown or black size 8) but if you see some shoes that look like my style, go for it!
-Gift cards are always great—date nights, Barnes & Noble, Plato’s closet, Amazon, basically anything
-Clothes/books/toys for Lucy

-Guittard milk chocolate chips
-Sawyer Products mini water filtration system like this
-Justin needs some more dress clothes for school, so gift cards to clothing places or Amazon would be nice 
Date night gift cards
Marilyn and Johnny

A swiffer and swiffer wipes
Costco gift card
Amazon gift card
Here is also a link to my amazon wish list:

Costco or Amazon gift cards
XBox One wireless controller
Clark family Christmas list 2017

White or dark grey Nasa t-shirt (size L/XL women or S/M men)
Brene Brown books (any and all)
8-10 lb medicine ball
Court Jester
Gift cards to Amazon/Deseret Book
athletic socks

Gift cards to Nike or Home Depot
Disney movies (we already have cars, lion king, the incredibles, mosters inc, sword and the stone, anastasia, swan princess, and robin hood)
Date night gift card
this water purifier
this emergency kit
emergency food book
medical survival book
edible plants

magnetic building tiles
anything related to Cars the movie

Monday, December 5, 2016

Mason's Christmas List *

-Plain black basketball shorts
-This sweater:

*By Rachel and Laura


Badlands Calor Beanie-
.223 Ammo brass cases (about $7 per box)
Havalon Piranta #60XT stainless steel blades (about $8 for a box of 12)-

Size 11 moccasin slippers (I have worn through the awesome slippers I got last year!)
Storage bins! I like the clear ones for storing extra clothes. Walmart has great deals on these :)-

If mom or dad need ideas for the boys, they are totally into Dinotrux ($5 figurines at Walmart), bugs, Kratt's Kreatures, lift flap books, and Trevin loves the Magic Treehouse series mom read to him :) Tanner and Tyler know nothing of the commercialism of Christmas :)

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Marilyn & Johnny's Christmas Lists

Here's a few ideas for us, as well as a link to our Amazon Wishlists. 

Thanks and love you all! 

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Emma D's Christmas Wishes

Cool flannels and sweaters
Literally any kind of junk food
Nail polish
Necklaces, rings, or earrings
Phone cases (iphone 6 plus) or screen protectors
Gift cards
Cool patterned socks
Stuff that would be useful for college (AHHHH!)
Movies (I need to build my collection!)
Board games or card games (speak out)